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USB recharge cable dc 5v

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Does anyone know where I can source a USB recharge cable dc 5v for my Rock God turntable and give it some juice from my PC. I will then be able to place my LPs on the turntable ?


Surely Dizzy or the Rock God himself will know otherwise I will have to add to the retail decline of Warrington Shops and go on line. :ph34r:

Yes I know it's only £1.99 plus p&p - but it's the principle of the thing

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tenzy's is near the bus station on the same side as hatters row almost halfway between the hop pole and the blue bell. opposite  cafe caruso and the RBS bank on town hill  Just a small computer repair shop but very helpful (cheap printer ink as well). you may need to rake a picture so that he knows what you are looking for.

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