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Cycling to health - where to buy?

Geoffrey Settle

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I need to buy a bike so that I can get fitter without the trauma and impact of running all the time.

I would like sensible advice of where to go to buy one.

I used to have a Dawes back in the day until I crashed into the back of a car that had suddenly stopped. The driver had suddenly seen her son and slammed on the brakes to pick him up. I remember sliding down the back of the vehicle. I don't even think I got an apology from the Merchant Taylor's parent.

Anyway by the time I'd dusted myself off and picked up my bike I tried to ride it home I had only a mile and a half to go. The frame had taken the impact and had buckled so I had to carry it home.

Fortunately it was very light and I used to do 100 miles or so on it with ease. That's the type of bike I want - at the time they were made in Birmingham area. I think they still are but the frames are no imported.

I believe that Devereux in Lymm are one of their dealers - what is this cycle dealer like?


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as a prizrOK thanks Asp - I was going to get them to sponsor a Mayoral event to mark Chris Vose achievement in the 1920 Olympics as being the cross country captain for the GB Silver medal team.

They agreed to donate some prizes but then I found out that the Mayor has a zero budget (i.e. you can put on an event of you raise the money) with no helpers and it was a busy year. I then went for events that I could personally fund at a low cost such as the online art/heritage competition and got IT involved.

I might go back and ask for a bike for a prize in the Warrington Triathalon 2017 Competition - :) only kidding.

What type of bike did you chose and what has it been like to ride?

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I bought a mountain bike called Rock Rider, with more gears than I can use (made in Turkey). I like it because it's good for off road such as the Trans Pennine, but also OK on the road. It was a retirement present from my employer actually, they said they would pay £250 towards an item of my choosing. Unfortunately I've been too busy with my house to get out on it recently but as soon as I'm sorted I'll be back on the road.

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Have you tried Cycle House near the Halliwell Jones Stadium Geoff.  It's in one of the units off Buckley Street and that's where we got our lads mountain bike from some years back.  They were very helpful and stock a huge range of bikes form the more affordable and day to day ranges right through to the more specialised and mini lottery win sort.

They have a website but you will have to google it...if I post a link here Gary may say I'm contravening the forums advertising rules.  Oh heck maybe I am anyway just by mentioning the name of the shop....but hey you and Asp mentioned one first so your faults when I get a slapped wrist.

I will also ask my neighbour for you Geoff as he and his mates are all keen road and off road cyclists.  They will certainly be able to point you in the best direction.

Why don't just just look out for a second hand one though.....bet you could pick one up for a fraction of the price of a new one. 

Make sure it's not a nicked one though :wink:


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Good suggestion - tons of bikes have been nicked in our neck of the woods - I could always get my local PCSO to check it out.

Yes I know the place you mean and it's a good one as is the one near Sankey Bridges.

I've been trying for two years but three reasons have stopped me - my muscles are so stiff that I find it hard to get my leg-over the saddle. I had a cheap Chinese bike from M&S of Culcheth - now a housing estate so no infringement/advertising rights :rolleyes:

The 2nd is I have a Yorkshire name and like the people from the place I hate parting with my dosh - but my fitness is now on the critical life path so I need to get down and peddle hard - especially after watching the Yorkshire Triathlon in Leeds. 

Hasn't the City put itself on the World Map with the Brownlee Brothers, Tour de France/Yorkshire etc. etc. fantastic - I remember competing for Warrington AC at Roundhay Park in the Northern 12 stage road race (30 years ago ouch) - they know had to do sporting events, coaching and competitors well at the local, regional and world level.

And 3rdly I want ideally a British Bike but they are few and far between even Dawes and Claude Butler models are largely foreign made but at least they are assembled in the UK. The journey continues :wub:


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Ever thought of getting a tandem Geoff?  You could take Mrs G out with you and have lovely chats as you both peddle along admiring the scenery.  Hey you could even get a little basket on the front so  Teddy George and Teddy Charlotte could ride with you too.

Aww think of the fun you could have and way better than just riding around on your own talking to yourself  :D


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It's easy to answer all those Geoff.

Whoever is at the front makes the decision which way to steer and go.

Re the free wheeler (sneaky non peddler?) at the back well that's down to you...do you want to be at the front so you can say (and/or prove to yourself) that you WERE putting the effort in  or are you happy to be at the back trying to convince your wife and us all that you really were?  Ball's in your court there ha ha .

Me.......well I'd go for the back option then argue the toss if questioned  :wink:  

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