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Biased Broadcating Corporation ?


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I've not seen it....but lets face it regardless of which individual or party is shouting the odds, throwing the daggers or spitting their dummies out it's just like one big childlike game in a world of make believe and fantasy plus endless jibes and point scoring towards a board that has no real winners.

Yep I find myself not interested in the slightest about the forthcoming election now....can you tell?  I'm not even sure I will actually vote now and that's NOT like me...Beam me up scotty and send me back when it's all over :oops::blink::lol:

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Jeering eh? Sounds like a typical day in the commons.

If some of the audience were Labour supporters, that would be representative of the populace wouldn't it?

You're fond of using the term "snowflake" as an insult, and as an instant argument winner, is that what Amber Rudd is?

Or you?


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