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WARNING! Email scam Morrisons, Tesco's etc


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Scammers are sending emails pretending to be from Morrisons, Tesco's and possibly other supermarkets !

The one supposedly from Morrisons says they are giving 5,000 extra store points with each shop this weekend.  Readers are instructed to 'click to verify'. Do not click. Morrisons has confirmed it is a scam and said they and Tescos have received a number of calls from customers who have received these emails. 

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Thanks for the warning Sha.

I often see this type of scam going round on facebook group pages where people share and then unsuspecting people think it's real and click to get their 'free extras' and they too share.

I've not seen an email one yet but I wouldn't click to verify anything I anyway.  Some people, sadly, are way to trusting and gullible :(


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