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Historical misrepresentation ?


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Seems misrepresenting history, is now an offence in the Labour Party, with Pink Ken getting a 12 month suspension; for claiming Hitler supported a Zionist State prior to WW2.  Whilst it may be true that he supported the provision of somewhere for Jews to go, it's far from the truth, to suggest he supported Zionism, as later events proved. So are contrary views on history a crime, even if they contravene accepted fact ?

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Indeed Sid, there have been some good progs on TV recently about how, even generally accepted historical fact is being challenged by new research,   EG:  Henry VII's claim to legitimacy as Monarch against Richard III. The so-called "Glorious Revolution", which was in fact, an invasion of England by a Dutch Army, under William of Orange.  So the winner gets to write the history. But perhaps Pink Ken's interpretation is stretching things a little.

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