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Being sold out ?


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Seems the PM is already back tracking on immigration, by suggesting that free movement may continue post-Brexit.  Aside from an apparent inability to construct the required legislation and apply visa controls through a UKBF;  there is the continued lobbying of employers to maintain their supply of cheap labour.  Well, it might help if these employers started training indigenous labour to fill their ranks, and if this means increasing pay rates, so be it. But, assuming they still require foreign labour for seasonal or menial work; a simple visa system of time limited work permits would suffice. However, what it does demonstrate, as in the USA, voting for something and actually getting it delivered, are two totally separate things.

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Aah our friends in Europe,i think  Britain should have just pulled up the drawbridge in 1939 & let our then continental friends be crushed under the jackboot. Regarding cheap labour ,too many captain's of industry are also doing very nicely out of it.

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Yes, Obs, to the loser the spoils & got what they wanted in the end.

That must be the thinking behind the EU attitude to the referendum....keep taking a vote till you get the right result . I see one of the Euro mandarins was crowing today that once the balance of power in Britain turns towards our younger voters that the UK will be knocking on the front door to rejoin.

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