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Reminder - Heritage Open Days this weekend


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For anyone who may be interested or who has forgotten...it's the 'Heritage Open Days' event this weekend with many places in Warrington open to the public for a look around and other heritage type events too.

The full list across the days is here on the museums website here


Right...camera in hand....list written...I'm off out...I wonder how many of today's I can do in 4 hours.  Not many if last year is anything to go by as I spent 2 1/2 hours in St Elphins Church :oops: :oops: :lol:  


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You should have gone in Asp.  It's absolutely fab in there and I was expecting just a couple of rooms with things on show but it's way more than that and absolutely full of exhibits and info.

Such a shame it's not open more often to the public (unless by prior arrangement due to volunteers staffing it I think) although I was a bit worried when some little kids closed one of the really old cell doors when I was still inside it :unsure:

It's well worth a visit and I wish I'd had longer than an hour and a half  to look around it all. 

Outside they did a demo of one of the drugs sniffer dogs in action too.... the dog found where it was hidden every time.  No getting past their noses that's for sure and the little 4 legged police chum in the demo clearly enjoys his 'job' which should be a warning to all who take/sell drugs.  They WILL find you !!

Great museum, really interesting, great fun and well done to the volunteers and police officers who were also there today helping with the days event :D

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