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Last Public Open Day: Stockton Heath Council School/ St


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Stockton Heath Council School / Stockton Heath Primary School are announcing the last 'Sharing our History' Open Day to be held on Saturday 1st March 2008 from 10am - 4pm.


Calling all pupils and staff who have worked at or attended the school since its opening in May 1910 - Infants, Juniors and Seniors - come along and share your memories of your times here.


This day will be the last public opportunity to look around inside the old building and classrooms. Come and browse through hundreds of old school photos - team events, class groups, teachers, trips out. Reminisce about past times and enjoy refreshments.


The last 2 events were a great experience for those who visited, and many past visitors still plan to come back again to this final day too.


Everyone is welcome, we look forward to seeing you there!

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Thanks for your comment Dismayed, I can imagine other people may have that same thought too. I have heard that salt also has cleansing and healing properties for wounds - so I'll take your comment in a positive light.


The main focus of this series of open days has been to ensure that the people who do want that one last look around inside the building are given the opportunity. Those who came to the 2 open days last year gave really positive feedback about the events - there were some great memories shared and old friendships restored.


I hesitated using the words 'last public opportunity' but I believe it's better to be clear about what is offered, then people can decide if it's important to them to make the effort to come along.


We hope that our visitors feel the same and look forward to seeing as many people as possible.

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Yes visitors are welcome to look around both floors of the building, we will make sure that there are signs at the stairways to make this clear.


We are very much hoping to make classrooms available for viewing on the upper floor, but this will depend on the number of volunteers we have helping on the day.



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