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Non member/guest 'Reported posts'


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For information to anyone who is NOT a forum member but is reading this.......

Occasionally we (Admin on here) receive 'reported post' notifications that are made by non member guests reading the forum. 

We don't get many but there has been one today and although the facility exists for anyone, even non members, to 'report' any post or entire topic as inappropriate or for other reasons please be aware that if you are a NOT a forum member we (Admin) have no way of replying to you via forum private message and in some instances it is not entirely clear to us why something has been reported.
Sometimes we may need to ask you for further information or clarification and/or to discuss further before we consider making any decision to remove a post or whatever it is.

As such, may I politely suggest that any non member guests reading who finds something inappropriate and who wants to report something  joins the forum first prior to using the 'report facility'.

Any posts 'reported' are ONLY notified to, and seen by, Admin and are NOT seen by any other forum members and all are in confidence.  That way we (Admin) can at least contact you to discuss or explain our reasons for maybe not deleting or even so we can thank you for bringing something to our attention and confirm what, if any, action we have taken. 

Thanks Dizzy (Admin)

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