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Peel Hall - wildlife habitat destroyed.


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Destruction of the habitat of nesting birds is an infringement of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 and in breach of the European Habitats Directive 1992/Nesting Birds Directive.

During the nesting season March 1st to July 31st (though this is a guideline only as birds can also nest both before and after this period) it is assumed that nesting birds will be present and it is the duty of the owner & contractor to prove otherwise.

Maximum penalty for EACH offence is £5k fine and up to 6 months imprisonment (Magistrates Court) and 2yrs imprisonment (Crown Court).

If it has been PROVED that no nesting birds are present the landowner may, without special licence, remove up to 5 cubit metres of habitat.

Without the evidence of the video on the news page the landowner/contractor could claim that they had removed only the permitted amount. The video also shows that the brushwood removed has been dumped alongside and beneath adjacent woodland areas.

Will it be a 'coincidence' if this is torched by 'vandals' and the larger areas removed by fire with the costs being paid by the public purse for the attendance of the fire services?


I believe Geoff Settle has reported the matter to WBC. Is there any update on this? Has there been any action by the police Wildlife Officer? This landowner has destroyed wildlife habit and created a serious fire risk is anything actually going to be done about it?


Many thanks to the 'spy in the sky' for supplying the video. Hopefully they are maintaining a vigilant and protective eye on this land.

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A similar process of destruction is under way in Latchford of course. It strikes me that even if the council has the powers to stop this, they have already ceded control to developers. What makes it worse is that councillors now routinely defend the destruction of land and buildings (Geoff is one of the exceptions).  

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