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Car Park


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It's a replacement of the current market car park  Milky but probably too late for questions now as it's been approved.  Well it would be really considering it;s the councils plan and they make the decisions too ha ha.

Good point about not having had problems finding a space though as neither have now think about it I but I guess they are expecting and hoping that the new market and other Bridge Street area developments that are planned over time will really bring the people in to the town centre and shops.  Maybe it will, maybe it wont, only time will tell.  Of course nothing seems to be being done with the road infrastructure so whether people will go more than once after being faced with the gridlock that sometimes happens in Warrington is anyone's guess. 

I guess we shall see and fingers crossed they have actually got it right as it's one heck of a lot of money to borrow and spend it it all goes arse up.

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Seems like a gamble to me, they are putting a lot of faith in a cinema.


If more space is ,needed then car parking should be built under or over the new construction. demolishing the car park seems a waste of money and resources.


Amazing how the council can find 100 million for a new build but can't find the money to help save the cabinet works

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