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Warrington Nature Conservation Forum - AGM - 2nd Decembe

Geoff Settle

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I hope our secretary, Helen, doesn't mind me adversting the AGM next month at Risely Moss - Saturday 6th December at 10am on this forum.


Helen writes:- Jeff Clark (Halton's Wildspace Officer) will be giving us a key address entitled 'Mersybeat' focusing on Wildlife along the Mersey estuary in Halton and Warrington. Following Jeff's talk we will be getting practical and making bird feeders to hang in out gardens - an early Christmas present for our feathered friends.


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Anyone who wanted to know more about the local wildlife of Moore Nature Reserve and the Sankey Valley corridor between Gateworth and Halton missed a real treat.


Ranger Geoff Clarke gave a fantastic talk on all the wonderful birds, insects and animals that he had photographed over the last year or so. It was a real eye opener. He even mentioned the bird that features in this months BBC Countryfile magazine which is rare to our shores but can be found at Moore but more of them breed at the Woolston Eyes.


It was good to be amongst like minded people who are very much concerned with nature and are having an impact in preserving and lobbying to protect the wildlife of our Town.

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