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Will Anyone Help Us?


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I posted this in the local events area, but have received no replies. I feel like singing that old kids song 'nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go and eat a can of worms...'


Anyway, I'm reposting it here in hopes that someone will come forward.


Business owners, this will cost you nothing! You just have to let us distribute coupons (your choice, you may even have some you were going to pass out anyway) for you.


I need about 8 business owners who would like to advertise their business through my cheerleading teams. For those who don?t know, the Knights American Cheer program is a non-profit program (we don?t stay out of the red yet anyway :) ). All of the coaching staff (including me) are volunteer.


My teams start fundraising this month for their uniforms and we need your help. In return, you get free advertisement for your business. You do not have to spend any money, but you must be willing to allow us to distribute information about your business and a coupon for your service/product. You decide what you are able to offer. This project will be launched in April or May and there will be the opportunity to repeat the campaign throughout the year.


I am open to working with any type of business. I would, however prefer to work with businesses in Warrington. This way we are directly affecting our local community and economy.


This campaign is a type of fundraiser we use in the states and is unheard of here, but I think it will work great! I would like to have an informal meeting (either online or in person) with all those interested to fully explain and get the ball rolling. If you are interested and would like more information, please let me know.





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