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OK so it's a 'hoverboard' but with so much hype in the press about them it is making me 'bored'....

I don't get it though as the Crown Prosecution Service is says that riding them on public UK roads is illegal (that bit I do get) but they are also saying that riding them on pavements and anywhere else that is NOT private land is also illegal.

So where does that leave skateboards, roller skates/blades and scooters (the sort kids use rather than moped type ones) as surely they are similar modes of 'transport' and fun ?

Bet there will be some disappointed kids and adults at xmas now though when they can't uses their hoverboard pressy :(

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Hoverboard + shopping trolley :D  Bring it on :D  Just imagine how much time could be saved shopping not to mention if you lived close enough to the shops you could wizz home pushing the trolley then wizz it back... no need for carrier bags or even using the car for bigger shops.

I wonder what Rod King thinks of them (is he still about by the way as not seen anything from him for ages either on here or in the local/national press). Maybe he will see the possibilities and get on the case to get the rules on using them relaxed so that people use these things instead of cars.   The plan to get more people on bikes or walking re the 20's signs clearly hasn't worked as I've not seen a increase in cyclist and I don't know anyone who has started to walk more or use a bike instead of their cars after all the effort and expense changing all the speed limits to make it 'safer' do you ?  

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I've been walking a lot more over the last 12 months. And what I have found is that motorists in general have zero patience with anybody who delays their progress to the next set of red traffic lights. If you see a pedestrian trying to cross the road at a junction, it isn't going to kill you to stop and let them cross. You can always make up the time by exceeding the speed limit by another half a mile per hour.

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