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£25 million prison ??


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Breaking news on the BBC 20 minutes ago that Britain will be spending £25 million towards building a new prison......in Jamaica.

It's apparently because we have 600 Jamaican nationals in UK jails but they can't be deported because of Jamaica's poor prison conditions.

I wonder how 'poor' the conditions are and maybe they SHOULD be sent back home to whatever they have currently as perhaps they will think twice about re-offending.

Good that we are getting rid of them all though I suppose as long term they say it will save us money but no doubt their empty cells over here will soon fill up with others :blink:


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The reasons immigrants aren't really bothered about our laws and enforcement are violent criminals are not likely to die at the hands of the police when conducting their business; they get free legal representation when they get caught despite ill-gotten gains; they are not likely to be deported, or lose their criminal rewards, and our prisons are often better places to live than their homelands. Not that long ago, an Italian mafioso who had hidden in London for many years had his barrister argue successfully that Italy's jails would breach his human rights. That was the day we should have left the EU. However, we have to wait until our referendum whenever that may be. The Blair family has a lot to answer for, not forgetting the Iraq war either.

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Seems our government have decided to pull out of the deal to build the jail and the UK will no longer be contributing.  Good as why should we pay to fund any of it !

Hammond the foreign secretary warned that "cancelling it would not be in the national interest as it would make Britain appear an untrustworthy ally". 

I'd say it rather shows that 'we' are not a soft touch....but then again.....

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