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How to divide society -


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Or perhaps the whole point was that parallel societies already exist so the best way to reduce that is to incorporate them into British laws....the same way Jewish courts have already been brought into Civil Law.


Currently Muslim marriages, divorces etc are not recognised in law (same goes for Catholics) in fact the only religious ones acknowledged are Anglican ones. It wouldn't impact on anyone else to incorporate them in to the laws and would mean better regulation and transparency. Therefore one can be British and Muslim without having to live parallel lives which is what is currently happening.


Provided such courts do not act objectionably then what's the issue?


Dr. Williams made a reasonable point but his presentation skills are so appalling that the whole point got lost in his waffle and inability to articulate a point well. He didn't advocate the introduction of the Sharia penal code - in fact no one does...Muslims have never asked for the introduction of the penal code - what they have asked for is that basic aspects of civil life be recognised in civil law so they as people can be properly integrated into British life.


What has hacked me off today is the way that a Christian can make a comment and it is the Muslims who have to bear the brunt of the racist and frankly outrageous comments and behaviour from the media and public. We speak...we get mauled by the media....we don't speak...we still get mauled by the media.....


Why can't people get a grip and stop jumping on the attack the Muslims bandwagon? There are bigger issues in the world....why don't we all start putting things into perspective?


By the way Mr GB made a comment about living by British Values.....have I missed something here? Are these different to the values of other countries, religions, moral and ethical codes? What is a British value? Get drunk? Cause havoc for people through anti-social behaviour? Or is it to expect to be attacked out in the street? I've said this before - we keep being told about living by British values but no one has ever outlined what they are and how they are different to any other values.

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I think the point is: as a principle, that secular law is superior in every aspect to sectarian laws. The reference to "Jewish Courts" is applicable only where all parties agree to their decisions, as with various forms of mediation outside the courts system, and such decisions don't infringe the tenents of British secular law. 8)


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Sharia Law should not be allowed in the UK as it is a full blown legal system totally incompatible with UK Law. It would also enforce Islam. And a particular type of Islam. Jewish courts only deal with issues relating to Kosher and what Synagogues and Rabbis teach about the Tanakh and the Talmud.


As for secular law being superior. Actually, the laws of the Torah in the Bible are superior in dealing with manslaughter, the Corn Dole, and legislation against the kind of antics which have created the housing crisis in this country. For a late Bronze Age document, the Torah is still radical and forward thinking in many ways.


Unfortunately, having this loophole concerning settling matters out of court, Sharia Law already has a foothold and is functioning in Muslim areas of Burnley, Blackburn and so on, meaning that the Islamic Republic of Britanistan already exists in embryonic form and will be difficult to dislodge. But dislodged it must!

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