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Back to square one !


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Anyone remember the debate and campaign for Warrington to exit Cheshire County Council and become a Unitary Council? Well, it seems the wheel has turned full circle (again), and under the guise of devolution and the meaningless phrase of "northern power house", it would seem a glorified CCC is to return, with possibly it's own elected Mayor. This Tory attempt to bring devolution to parts of England, in answer to devolved Gov in Scotland, Wales and N/Ireland; has clearly been written on the back of an envelope, and cannot be compared with the devolution in Scotland etc. So another costly "all change" and another dog's breakfast.

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No Dave: The two "Cheshires" followed Warrington into "Unitary Status"; which was arguably in itself devolution, by bringing full local authority control closer to the people. However Police and Fire Authorities were left under joint control. The problem is, that organisation isn't by nature a Tory virtue; and instead of providing England with comparable structures to Scotland & Wales, by developing Regional Parliaments with similar powers; we have this back of an envelope approach. The Tories are averse to "big Government", hence their reticence at setting up Regional Parliaments; however it doesn't seem to worry them when they increase the size of the House of Lords, by packing it with cronies; to the point where it's now the second biggest political chamber in the world !

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