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Paul Kennedy

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Here they are for both Borough and Parish, most Parish elections will be uncontested...but the ones that will be should be interesting, with Stockton Heath looking a real battleground, Good luck to all candidates...but more to some than others. :D :




Very sad to announce that the Conservative Candidate for Penketh East Parish, Nancy Spencer, a well respected serving Penketh Parish Councillor, was found dead at her home yesterday morning. That Ward will now not be contested, but a casual vacancy will be announced sometime after May 1st. My thoughts are with Nancy's children and family at this difficult time.


PS Thanks to David for putting the Borough list on today's frontpage.

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Well, "other candidates" have an opportunity to "educate the masses" on this board, but they don't seem to be doing it, let alone defending their Parties (with the notable exception of Paul Kennedy!) :wink: The point being made however, is that in a Ward of over 8,000 electors only the BNP can find a LOCAL person to stand locally in the Ward, tells it's own story methinks. :wink::wink:

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there are 8 independent candidates in Stockton Heath ward, and in desperation, our current mayor has decided to stand in two wards. How does this work? It seems like that is cheating the voters out of a representative by taking up both seats.


I can understand doing this on two different parishes, or borough and parish, but on the same parish council? Odd :wink:

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So she is.


I've just read the guidance book:


"If a candidate is validly nominated for more than one electoral area within the same local government area (e.g. for different wards within the same parish or community), they must withdraw from all areas but one by the last time for withdrawals. If they do not do this, they will be deemed to have withdrawn from all of them" - Rule 12, P&C Rules 2006.


Last time for withdrawals was noon today. Did she. :(


[ 09.04.2008, 22:03: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Needs to be checked though, memory loss in the elderly can be a problem. :D


Mayors, and ex mayors what are they like :D ..I notice one ex Mayor proposed too many candidates in one Parish...three of them ended up being invalid...mind you it has worked out for the best in light of a subsequent event.

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Can you really see a person who has stood as Mayor, Borough Councillor, Parish Councillor and has the backing of a major (for want of a better word) political party making such a silly mistake over nominations at local Parish Council level ? Saying that the LD's do seem to have got into the habit of screwing things up :D


I'm not convinced that what you both say is actually right but I would love to be proved wrong :D


[ 09.04.2008, 23:15: Message edited by: Dismayed ]

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posted by Dismayed


major (for want of a better word) political party
I would describe some other parties as major, but I would definitely describe them as Political, which Mr Thesaurus decribes thus:-


cunning, crafty, wily, shrewd, sharp, guileful, scheming, insidious, devious, underhand, furtive, clandestine, roguish, mischievous.


Oh dear, got the wrong page, I was looking at sly; Oh well works for me! :)


A Freudian slip perhaps?

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