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What happens when renewable energy runs out


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Yet more desperation, like the press; trying to ID UKIP gaffes, as if other part politicians don't make them. But the answer was in the first sentence of the report : what happens when and if "the subsidies run out"?  A fairly logical question methinks.  As reported on countryfile; wind farms are being paid by the grid to shut down supply, due to periodic excess - now perhaps that's what the media and the kipper bashers could be concentrating on. Perhaps you might try answers to problems for a change, assuming you have any; rather than the usual name calling.

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As per usual you go out of your way to show how successful your sense of humour bypass has proven, especially if its a UKIP gaffe.  Where on earth have I name called Ms. Ayling or Ukip or kippers in this topic, the kipper doth protest too much methinks.  If she is too stupid to say what she means then you can't fault folk for pointing it out. Its great fishing for kippers though as they throw themselves onto the hook, even when its not been baited.

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