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The other day I got a DVD of Cabaret free with my newspaper. Eight Academy Awards, screamed the cover. Great stuff, I thought. Not see it - should have seen it. Now's my chance.


My wife and I sat through it and then asked one another, why didn't we switch it off? It was appalling. Quite honestly I was left thinking that Liza Minelli has not talent other than having a thick enough skin to stand up in public and shout and make a fool of herself. Michael York's performance was good, but not good enough to carry the film. Just how do people make fortunes and win awards out of producing such rubbish?

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Adam, I've only seen brief clips of Cabaret and the first time I saw Joel Gray in make-up it was off-putting in the extreme. I've seen the clip of his Velcome several times in film discussions and I've come to appreciate it for its low life Berlin in the 1930s atmosphere. I've seen him in street clothes describe how that all was from a real M.C. in Berlin in the 30s. Yes, Sally Bowles was too bohemian for me, Liza couldn't sell it. I guess the bottom line is - I don't frequent cabarets, nor would I look there for LIFE or a good time. However, I have seen Marlene Dietrich's BLUE ANGEL and it was 1930s Berlin cabaret and it was riveting. Couldn't take my eyes off it.

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