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Warringon South on Sky


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Are you being facetious???

Looking at the comments about the video, the one that would have really helped me to decide who to vote for was this one -


  • Warrington posh are it's no the problem till Cameron is there uk we'll be was then maxico go to the poor are no to the posh Iff you really care an I'm sorry but I see it every day this is bore video is no pro off any thing all I see is the same bla bla bla ask the ? To the future no to the pass is this to people by more news . Get out the office an look the mess is it no just Warrington is all uk ....'

    Simples ......................
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Wolfie why on earth did you think I was being facetious?  Did you not like the rust, peeled paint and run down effect then?  I have a photo of it somewhere from about 7 years ago when Peels actually used to paint and maintain their swing bridges but maybe they just don't want them anymore and are hoping they will rot away so they have free run on the canal :wink:  


Funny but in the whole of the news report the only thing I remember is the swing bridge, the two guide dogs and the public bods being interviewed but I can't remember anything or what the two MP's or reported said,  Maybe I need to watch it again


As for the comments under it I hadn't actually noticed those until you mentioned them as I posted a different link to the news report at first and it wouldn't work so I just edited and pasted the other over it.


Yep the comment you  picked up on is either dim or alien speak and I thought I was bad  :lol:

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