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Targeted 'Denial'.. so who's next ?


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For the past two days the well know and highly used worldwide websites belonging to 'Ancestry' have been attacked and found themselves the constant target of a 'Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS)'. 
Apparently what happens is that the attackers are c
logging their websites with massive amounts of bogus traffic which then takes the sites down completely rending them totally unusable.

Ancestry's facebook page (which is not affected obviously) keeps being updated saying they have successfully 'neutralised' the DDoS... but then no sooner have they done and said it the attackers seem to come back again and down it all goes. 

A practice for when 'they' decided to hit all the banks and other services we all really do rely on maybe ???
  EEK !!  Wasn't there a warning recently saying something like that could happen soon ?


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3 days now... people all over the world are affected (well the ones doing their family trees that is)..... not that anyone on here seems interested or worried or is it that you all out getting your money out of the banks and stocking up on food, petrol and whatever else just in case they attack something else which replies on the network now they know it works :lol:  

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Probably the most intelligent conversation you're likely to get on here Diz!


I wouldn't worry about DDoS attacks on websites like Ancestry. They're mildly inconvenient, but the big boys like the banks and large retaillers have far more resources at their disposal to defeat attacks.


(btw. DDoS attacks are only possible because of people who don't secure their own machines. They get a piece of malware or a virus which allows the bad guys access to use the machine as part of a "bot-net". When you get tens of thousands of machines around the world in the same bot-net they can all be directed to constantly bombard a particular website with requests for information until it freezes. So the answer really is for everyone to secure their own machines.)

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