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Hi could some one plz help with the children from Charles Bate D.O.B 1879 Death 1947 Married a Bertha Miller D.O.B. 1878 They married in 1899 at St Pauls Church Warrington. Im just learning how to work the sites like BMD but when i  put in surnames to find children loads have come up could someone plz check for me has im sure these cant be all there children, Thanks x

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Are you sure that Charles Bate died in 1947 Sylvia as the one who keeps popping up when I search 'Ancestry' showing a death in 1922, Warrington.  It might be a different Charles B though although I don't think it is.... Have you GOT his death certificate confirming the death you have?


I have a marriage (1899 in Warrington) between Charles Bate , (age 22 born 1879/80 Higher Walton) to a Bertha Alice Miller  (age 22 born 1878 Warrington).

1901 census has Charles and Bertha living at 25 Turner Street (next to Winwick Street) but no children and Bertha's father Richard Miller, age 68, widow, is with them.

I can't find Charles and Bertha on the 1911 census (damn I might have to rejoin Find my Past and get over my grievance with their new awkward site lol....)

I have however found a 1911 census return for a Charles Bate (same birth and born Higher Walton) with a wife Elizabeth and a daughter Elizabeth aged 7 living at 68 Sharp Street, Warrington.

At first I thought maybe Bertha was a shortened name for Elizabeth but the census gives Elizabeth's age as 23 and also shows that her and Charles had been married for LESS than ONE YEAR.

I'm gueesing if he is the same Charles like I think he is then Elizabeth age 7 could be the child of Charles and Bertha..... maybe they DIVORCED or she died and he remarried ????

Off for another look now :wacko:  :lol:

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nope moved to newcastle and dosnt have a computer or internet lol yes these people do live amongst us lol, i know these are right though because he said over the phone other day, yes he has a mobile and yes connection is bad and we sound like were stuttering lol  xx

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Stuttering eh?  Maybe your brother has taken to drink because of it all too :lol:  

I've got my 'Find My Past' subscrition back by the way so two places to look again... not that I wanted it back at the moment cos it's awful to use and find things now they have changed it all but seems when I canceled the roll over payment while I pondered about it it then got renewed anyway and they wont give me my money back because I clicked on a record to view. 
OF COURSE I BLOODY DID as how else would I have had proof that they had renewed and reactivated it so I had access to view records again.

Little rant over... but believe me I WILL get my 6 months moneys worth out of it now even if I just download things for everyone else who's not a member :lol:    

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sounds good to me lol ok Dizzy where do we start lol what do you actually get from that site, im desperate for any photos of my lot, even the 3 people ive managed to find havnt sent me a picture yet lol im doomed to have a past with no faces, I was excited with the free weekend ward records on ancestry i got  of my grandads records but was dissapointed when there was no photo, surley there must be one somewhere xx

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