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Julia Bradbury explores the passion of Wainwright on BBC

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It's a tough call on Fridays nights now for me because on BBC1 it's a question of sport whilst on BBC2 it's Julia Bradbury exploring the Fells of the Lake District.


On Friday she climbed her first mountain Blencatha and had to cross a very difficult edge that would phase any experienced walker.


The scenery was magnificent and the structure of the programme very good as it gives a real insight into Wainwright as a person, artist and why he produced the wonderful series of books that he did.


Julia meets people who knew Wainright en route and they give their own unique insight into the man and their passion for the fells.


This is really a worthwhile series to watch and if you do I'm sure that you'll dust off your boots and get that old rucksack out and head north and forget a question of? :wink:


Has anyone else watched it?


Wainwright Walks

Fri 13 Apr, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 30mins






Julia Bradbury continues exploring the passion and life's work of Alfred Wainwright, the legendary fell walker and guide writer as she sets off to tackle her first mountain, Blencathra. Julia's route to the summit sees her tackle Sharp Edge, the Lake District's most technical and vertigo-inducing ridge climb. In the process, she discovers why the obsessive Wainwright chose to cover this fell in more detail than any other.

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