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Creamfields... forever


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Seems Creamfields have now been given a permenant licence to hold their 3 day festival around here on the August Bank Holiday weekend.


They can also now play music on the Friday's too and can increase the capacity by another 10,000 people.


Will their standards slip now ??  I hope not as to be honest it has been managed quite well in the past but then again they knew they had to keep reaplying and their time could have been up each time. 



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I have no idea why it was granted Rockcutting... just that it was.   It was Halton by the way.


I'm guessing it was granted because there has never been any real trouble in past years, it's been managed well and also because after it all flooded 2 years ago Cream spent money putting new drainage in on the land so it wouldn't happen again.  Showing willing and concern and all that :wink:


Oh and becuase I think only one resident wrote in to complain/object to the permenant licence.  That seemed a bit odd to me but maybe it was reported wrong... or maybe not.


Hatton and Stretton Parish Councils also objected (what clout do Parish Councils have though really... none.. ) and Cllr P Kennedy suggested a 3 year licence but he was ignored.

That's all I know but I'm sure if you try or ask in the right quarters you may be able to find something else out..... don't forget to share :lol::wink:

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