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Copying CDS


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just wondering if anyone can give me an explanation re/copying cds--i always buy from the same dealer and had no problems regarding the results,what i would like to know is after i have copied them they play in the car and on my two radio/cd players -however they tend not to play on certain friends players.

Can anyone explain why--much obliged

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it may be the type of cd that you are using for the copy. Most cd players will only replay cd-r type cds and not cd+r ones. it may also be that the cd was copied as a  data disc and not and audio disc (i assume that it is a music cd that you are referrinfg to). despite that I too have had this problem despite using the correct disc and format for burning. I have a few different cd players in teh house purchased by Mrs Sid and it is surprising that they will not play a disc that another plays but will play a disc that the other one won't play.


It may also be the format that you have copied into. my car cd will play mp3 discs as will one of my cd players but the rest wont even recognise there is a disc in the player if it is mp3.


Personally i put it down to temperamental machines, but there are many explanations online as to the why's and why nots of different players playing copied cds or not as tha case may be.

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