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Austerity ?


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When he took over, the Chancellor said "we're all in it together" - does it feel that we are?  By far the biggest slice of Government spending is on benefits (around £220billion); so the Government will be targeting it for cuts, in order to bring Gov spending down in order to reduce the National debt.  But by definition, benefits are (no doubt with some exceptions), targeted to those in need at the bottom of the economic ladder. Thus the poorest will be shouldering the major burden of austerity. Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer and tax avoidance and evasion are rife. So how do we pay off the National debt and balance the books, whilst ensuring that we're all really "in it together"?

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The 20th century socialist society seems to have slipped into history & we are rapidly re- entering the industrially revolutionised  times of the 18th/19th centuries  with grinding poverty & fabulous wealth, with benefits being the only way that some people can survive.

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