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Nige shunts to the left


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Seems Nigel Farage, the nations great white hope, is shifting his stance with a lurch to the left, probably in a bid for more votes rather than any new found sense of decency, unless of course he has been visited by 3 ghosts recently? :wink:


can't post the bbc link sorry but its on the front page


"Have I had link posting suspended Dizzy?  :D"

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"Have I had link posting suspended Dizzy?  :D"



" Dizzy, I also seem unable to use the quote function"


No PJ nothing on your member account has been suspended and you are in the same group with the same posting priveleges as everyone else..... BUT SAYING THAT....


..... I have just tried and I cant copy/paste into the edit box or post links either and the 'quote' facility doesn't appear to be working for me either (although I am in a different group from you (ie moderators).


ARE YOU USING INTERNET  EXPLORER 11 BY ANY CHANCE ?? as that is what I usually use and seems to be my problem as I can copy/paste, 'quote' and post links using Firefox (which is what I'm using now just to try it.) 


Can you let me know what you are using please and I will try and find out what's going on, thanks :)

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Think you luvvies need to get your definitions right - how is "Islamaphobia" "racist"?  As for the article; it's no wonder kids will reflect (often incorrectly) the views and concerns of a majority of their parents. As always, you deliberately confuse any rational debate on immigration with the "racist" shoutdown; when in reality it's purely about numbers.

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