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Friends and Crocodiles - Sunday 9pm BBC 1

Geoff Settle

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web page


The above link to the BBC site allows you to view a clip, looks good.




Written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff, and starring Damian Lewis and Jodhi May, - Friends and Crocodiles is a sweeping drama that tells the tale of the working relationship of two very different characters, and a society in the grip of cataclysmic change.

and it features Woolfie



and -


William Sneath is the character that Robert Lindsay plays.


William Sneath is a chameleon-esque former polytechnic lecturer and social commentator. Initially he forms part of Paul's eclectic salon at his country house. But when Paul crashes and burns, Sneath drops him. He's a slipperty character who keeps cropping up, but he's an observer rather than a doer.


Robert describes Sneath as, "the archetypal parasite. He's making notes all the way through, but he never actually participates in anything. He's a reptilian creature, always ready to denigrate his formally powerful friends when they're on the way down.


He's a complete social climber. He really knows how to use people. If he's talking to someone, he'll always be looking over their shoulder; if someone more important catches his eye, he's off."


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It hasn't played here yet, but obscure, small, low budget independent films eventually reach out cable TV networks. Yesterday I saw a few minutes of film (most likely a comedy) called I WENT DOWN - and there is a fellow tied down on a bed, gagged, restrained in every way except for two or three fingers on one hand, where he's been given a remote control to the TV and in trying to find something diverting he arrives at a channel devoted to the theory of mathematics, and in his haste to change the channel, the remote falls off the bed away from his control, poor fellow. Today's Times says that THE OFFICE with the american cast and production is doing very well for its major network, I think NBC.

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