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The Secret History of the American Empire:


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In his first book, ?Confessions of an Economic Hit Man?, John Perkins told the story of his work as a highly paid consultant hired to strong-arm leaders into creating policy favorable to the U.S. government and corporations -- what he calls the ?corporatocracy.? Perkins says he helped the U.S. cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then taking over their economies.


JOHN PERKINS: Well, really, I think it?s fair to say that since World War II, we economic hit men have managed to create the world's first truly global empire, and we've done it primarily without the military, unlike other empires in history. We've done it through economics very subtly.


We work many different ways, but perhaps the most common one is that we will identify a third world country that has resources our corporations covet, such as oil, and then we arrange a huge loan to that country from the World Bank or one of its sister organizations. The money never actually goes to the country. It goes instead to US corporations, who build big infrastructure projects -- power grids, industrial parks, harbors, highways -- things that benefit a few very rich people but do not reach the poor at all. The poor aren?t connected to the power grids. They don?t have the skills to get jobs in industrial parks. But they and the whole country are left holding this huge debt, and it?s such a big bet that the country can't possibly repay it. So at some point in time, we economic hit men go back to the country and say, ?Look, you know, you owe us a lot of money. You can't pay your debt, so you?ve got to give us a pound of flesh.?

I listened to this transcript with sadness - I knew this was possible and maybe even probable - but now I know it is real and I feel deep shame as an American.


For more information: web page

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It sickens me that a country that believes is such personal freedom can take away other peoples. Yes, I know the government is not directly involved - but it is our corporations that control so much. I don't know maybe immigration would be a good idea for me.

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