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BBC Hartalk on Africa

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Once again the BBC Hard Talk programme have come up with some fascinating shows this week, yesterday's with Raphael Tuju Keynan's Information Minister was an eye opener to the quality of Black african leadership a young (at 40 - (very old for Kenya) man with a great interlect and vision.


This is what the programme sought to find out and it did if you get a change watch it. Plus it should be streamed on the web site soon.


web page


Raphael Tuju, Kenyan Information Minister


G8 leaders are calling for good governance in return for more financial assistance and debt forgiveness. Kenya's President Kibaki came to power on the promise of tackling the country's huge corruption problem. But just how much has his government done?


His critics complain not nearly enough. The last anti-corruption chief resigned and the retiring British ambassador has said massive looting is continuing.


Raphael Tuju is the country's Information Minister. Just how committed is his government in eradicating corruption?


Recorded in Nairobi, Kenya. 25 June 2005


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