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Fuel of the future


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Item on the BBC 10 o'clock News tonight was  on the potential of Thorium to provide the nuclear fuel of the future. The tag line was that it wouldn't happen any time soon. Apparently the UK has got an interest in activity presently going on in Sweden. The biggest handicap to hi speed progress on thorium development is the entrenched greenist/global warmists at the heart of the government who would rather spend £40+ billions on a white elephant railway than on the fuel that's cheap, plentiful and cannot be used in nuclear weapons.

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"Thorium energy  cheaper than coal" is a book title by Robert Hargraves is a boffin making the case for thorium. It's not on "Kindle" but if anyone interested  buys it from Amazon, once read they can sell it back to them as part exchange on the purchase of another book !!


 One of the scenarios in the book  describes a reactor design  the nasty bits of which are buried 10 metres below ground which seemed to be the design highlighted in the BBC News item. He also highlights the major interest  by the Chinese in thorium's potential. China are undertaking a LFTR R&D project and  visited the Oak Ridge National Laboratories in the USA, where the technology had been conceived (in 60's) and developed. ORNL shared info with 1,894 visitors from China in 2011, yet China intends to acquire and control LFTR intellectual property for itself.

It's very nice of the Chinese to build us a nuclear reactor but am a bit suspicious about their inscrutable future intentions!!  Whatever they are I expect to be dust before they become public knowledge ! 

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