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Beer can chicken


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Nope, nothing to do with bacon from Jamaica, it's this:




Did this last weekend and all those who, er, scoffed, were forced to eat their words along with the delicious chicken.


I don't have one of those fancy frames shown in the photo, but it was worth a bit of fiddling to taste the result.


The idea is that the liquid in the can flavours and keeps the meat moist while the chicken roasts from the outside. You can put whatever you like in the can. I did ours in a kettle barbecue but it works in a conventional oven, lower the temperature and cook longer.


Giyf for recipes.

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Like I say in the 1st post, obs, you can put whatever you like in the can.


It's a method of cooking a (really tasty) chicken, the flavours are up to you.


I think the important bits are:


sealing the skin as much as you can - I used a couple of skewers to close the neck flap (basically you're making a low pressure pressure cooker)


flavour the meat, rub whatever you're using on the inside of the bird (maybe leave overnight?), what you rub on the outside will only really flavour the skin (which everyone will fight over)


whatever's in the can has to be capable of evaporating, oven temp should be around 120 - 150c (you don't really want it higher) or it won't steam.


Oh, and be patient.

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