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Happy Birthday Robbo EEK !!!


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OMG I feel so bad.


It's Robbo's birthday today too today (15th)..... I seem to have got so engrossed in my own that I have only just spotted it.


Better late that never though eh Robbo EEK and in my own defence I can only put it down to me clearly being nearer to old age than I thought :wink:


Shame on the rest of you for not noticing either though knowing I was otherwise engaged with my drinks and sweeties.




smiley-greet006.gif.....smiley-greet003.gif....... smiley-greet027.gif.......smiley-greet002.gif





Hope you're having a great day....... well ok so there is only 1 minute of it left according to my pc clock and mobile but hey it's still the same day... but maybe more or less depending on the forum clock :lol::wink:

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