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Fake Houses


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Read an interesting and surprising report (yes Kije in The DM) of fake houses in London, Paris and New York. If you opened the front door, you would find nothing behind the facade. They are ventilation shafts/exits to the underground tubes.

When we had a house in Bayswater, London, we would have passed 23 and 24 Leinster Terrace any number of times but had no inkling they were just facades.

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There was a programme on Discovery about the underground a while back Cleo and they mentioned and showed one of them.... just looked like a mid terraced house!!! it was where they did the "cover over"... they dug a huge trench on the route of the track and covered it over after building the tunnel and the house they showed was in the way so they built it back as a shaft after finishing the tunnel.... fascinating stuff


Abandoned stations number over 40 on the underground.... this is a good link:



or this one



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