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Ale Houses, Inn's, Tavern & Hotels in Warrington 1759 - 1825. Pt 1.


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The first of three posts listing Ale Houses, Inn's, Tavern & Hotels in Warrington 1759 to 1895'





Pt 1. 1759 to 1825


LICENSING OF ALEHOUSES in the 1800's - In 1808 licensing certificates were introduced. Penalties were enforced for selling without a certificate and for drinking and drinking places have been regulated for a very long time, but the modern system of licensing dates back to 1552, when concerns over public order led to magistrates being given the power to license alehouses. Generally speaking, they acted to control the number and conduct of drinking places in the interests of the community – and for the most part that was restrictive by certificate

From the middle of the 19th century restrictions were placed on the opening hours of licensed premises.

The Wine and Beerhouse Act 1869 reintroduced the stricter controls of the previous century. The sale of beers, wines or spirits required a licence for the premises from the local magistrates. Further provisions regulated gaming, drunkenness, prostitution and undesirable conduct on licensed premises, enforceable by prosecution or more effectively by the landlord under threat of forfeiting his licence. Licences were only granted, transferred or renewed at special Licensing Sessions courts, and were limited to respectable individuals. Often these were ex-servicemen or ex-policemen; retiring to run a pub was popular amongst military officers at the end of their service. Licence conditions varied widely, according to local practice. They would specify permitted hours, which might require Sunday closing, or conversely permit all-night opening near a market. Typically they might require opening throughout the permitted hours, and the provision of food or lavatories. Once obtained, licences were jealously protected by the licensees (always individuals were expected to be generally present, not a remote owner or company), and even "Occasional Licences" to serve drinks at temporary premises such as fêtes would usually be granted only to existing licensees. Objections might be made by the police, rival landlords or anyone else on the grounds of infractions such as serving drunks, disorderly or dirty premises, or ignoring permitted hours.


1759 to 1768    


Boars Head                                  Town Hill                  Nancy Dutton

The Crow Inn                              Bridge Street              Jasper Houghton

Red Lion                                      Winwick Street         Jacob Rule

The Pear Tree Inn                        Church  Street           Enoch Millington

Legs ‘O’ Man                              School Brow             William Howard

The Hare & Hounds                    Town hill                   William Hesketh

The Old Blue Back                     Heathside                    Jacob Ellerwell




Bell. -  Anne Anderton

General Wolfe.  - Peter Atherton

Coopers Arms.  - M. Atherton

Ship Inn.  - Margaret Bate/Peter Bay

George Inn.  - Betty Bolton

3 Crowns.  - Thomas Booth.

Nags Head.  - Thomas Bowman.

Golden Grove.  - M. Bradley.

Red Lion.   - Thos. Buttrey/Thomas Kay

Bulls Head. -  Anne Clare/Henry Holmes

White Bull.  - Cha. Cressley

Golden Fleece.  - Tho. Croston

Royal Oak.  - John Davies

Legs of Man.   -  John Fleming

White Horse.   - John Gerrard

Rose & Crown.  - Jos Gerrard

White Hart.  Eliz. - Glover/John Myles

The Old Horse-Shoe.  - Jn. Golding

Golden Lion.  ---------Green

Queen’s head.  - T. Hampton/Richard Towers

Angel.  - Thomas Harrison/Samuel Hart

Roebuck.  - James Hatton

Royal Exchange.  - N. Hatton

White Boar.  - Geo. Howarth

Millstone.  - John Hunt/John Taylor

Sun.  Samuel.  - Hurlbutt/Thomas Richardson

Bear’s Paw.  - Edw. Jackson

Wheatsheaf.  - John Johnson

Blue Lion.  - John Kay.

Eagle Inn.  - Jane Lee

Talbot.  - Joseph Lightfoot

Duke of York.  - John Millet/James Turney

Golden Ball.  - James Milnes/----- Townley

Punch Bowl.  - Jn.  Molineux

Fox.  - Thomas Morgan

Dog & Partridge.  - J. Ormrod

Anchor.  - Benj. Richardson

Union Coffee House.  - Samuel Sadler

Griffin.  -  John Siddall

Woolpack.  - Mark Simpson

Cock.  - John Thompson

Queen Charlotte.  - Richard. Towers

King’s Head.  - Wm. Travis/Jos. Wilson

Black Horse.  - Jas. Wamsley

Pigeons.  - Geo. Watmouth

Old Crow.  - Lydia Whittle

Unicorn.  ----- Willcox

7 Stars.  - Thomas Wood

Two names by one public house indicates a change of licensee during the year 1794.





Angel Inn                                   Buttermarket Street       Peter Johnson

Barley Mow                               Market Place                 Geo Gerrard

Bay Horse                                  Winwick Street             Thomas Pa?l

Bears Paw                                  Buttermarket Street       Thos. Holmes

Black Bear                                 Latchford                       George Royle

Black Boy                                  Bridge Street                 William Booth

Blackburn’s Arms                      Market Place                 Wm. Bather

Black Lion                                 Wilderspool                   Mrs Lowe

Blue Bell                                    Horsemarket Street       John Fairhurst

Blue Lion                                   Market Place                 Geo Fearnley

Boar’s Head                               Town Hill                      Edward Dutton

Bowling Green                           Bridge Street                 Joseph Battersby

Bowling Green                           Bank Quay                    J. Shelmerdine

Britannia                                     Scotland Road              Sarah Shelmerdine

Bull                                            Horsemarket Street       James Milnes

Bull’s Head                                Church Street                Mrs Hope

Bull’s Head                                Bridge Street                 Richard Yates

Bridge Tavern                            Latchford                      Wm. Hesketh

Cheshire Cheese                         Latchford                      John Pearpoint

Cock                                           Bridge Street                 Mrs Gilbody

Cooper’s Arms                           Bewsey Street               John Wagstaff

Crow                                           Bridge Street                 Henry Eaude

Crown                                         Buttermarket Street       Jonathon Mather

Feathers                                     Bridge Street                 Joseph Wright

Fleece                                        Buttermarket Street       John Tollett

Fox                                            Buttermarket Street        Mrs Whitlow

General Wolf                             Church Street                Wm. Wood

Golden Ball                               Winwick Street              Wm. Wilcock

Golden Grove                            Market Place                 Thomas Corke

Golden Horse-shoe                   Horsemarket Street         Mrs Cross

Golden Lion                              Market Place                  Mrs Green

Green Dragon                           Bridge Street                   John Chandler

Griffin                                       Horse market Street        Geo. Knight

Hop Pole                                   Horsemarket Street         Mrs Peers

Horse Shoe                                Horsemarket Street         Henry Eaude

Kings Arms                               Buttermarket Street         S Tomlinson

Kings Head                               Winwick Street                James Wilson

Lamb                                         Bridge Street                   Joseph Welch

Leigh’s Arms                            Market Place                   Geo. Jones

Marq’ of Granby                       Church Street                   Johnson Clarke

Mermaid                                    Bridge Street                    Samuel Harrison

Millstone                                   Mill Street                        Joseph Wright

Nelson Tavern                           Buttermarket Street          Wm. Handley

Norton Arms                             Latchford                          James Smethhurst

Oak and Lion                            Market Place                     John Travis

Old Coffee House                     Horsemarket Street           ````Wm. Broadhurst     

Queens Head                             Bridge Street                    David Sumner

Red Lion                                   Winwick Street                 John Winchurch

Ring of Bells                            Church Street                    Mrs Pinington

Rodney                                     Winwick Street                 Joseph Gerrard

Roebuck                                   Bridge Street                     James Hatton

Rope and Anchor                     Buttermarket  Street          J Chester

Rose and Crown                       Bridge Street                     John Wareham

Royal Exchange                       Nr. Market Place               T Broadhurst

Royal Oak                                Bridge Street                      Mrs Harrison

Saracens Head                          Wilderspool                       Wm. Pilkington

Seven Stars (Higher)                Bridge Street                      Richard Box

Seven Stars (Lower)                 Bridge Street                      Geo. Clarke

Ship                                          Bridge Street                      Joseph Craig

Ship                                          Bank Quay                         Thomas Crosier

St. Patrick                                 Buttermarket  Street           Mrs Ellis

Star                                           Bridge Street                      Wm. Lowe

Swan                                         Bridge Street                      ?

Three Crowns                           Market Place                      Peter Thomas

Three Pigeon’s                           Church Street                     Eliz. Whatmough

Unicorn                                     Market Place                      Benjamin Jameson

Union Coffee House                 Union Street                       John Fletcher

White Hart                                Sankey Street                     John Burborough

White Hart                                Market Place                      Richard Hatton

White Horse                              Market Place                     Thomas Simkin

Woolpack                                  Sankey Street                     Mrs Parsonage





Admiral Lord Rodney                              Winwick Street                 John Gerrard

Barley Mow                                             Market place                      Joshua Perrin

Bay Horse                                                Winwick Street                 Gordon Gerrard

Bears Paw                                                3 Buttermarket street         R Harvey

Black Bear                                               Latchford                           John Holmes

Blackburn Arms                                      Cornmarket                        George Fearnley

Boars Head                                              Town Hill                          Edward Dutton            

Bowling House (Green)                          Bank Quay,  Sankey           John Shelmerdine

Bridge Tavern                                         Latchford                           William Hesketh

Brittania Inn                                            2 Scotland Road                 Sarah Shelmerdine

Brown Cow                                             Market place                      D Rowland

Bulls Head                                              32/36 Church Street            Jane Hope

Bulls Head                                              121 Church Street               Rodney Yates

Cheshire Cheese Inn                               Latchford                            James Pierpoint

Cock Inn                                                  7 Bridge Street                   John Travers

Coopers Arms                                          5 Bewsey Street                 John Wagstaff

Crown & Sceptre                                    10 Buttermarket Street        Jonathan Mather

Curriers Arms                                         12 Buttermarket Street        Sam Astilles

Feathers                                                   96 Bridge Street                 John Wright

Fleece Inn                                               Buttermarket Street             J Tollet

Fox – The Old                                         8 Buttermarket Street         Sarah Wheatley

General Wolfe                                         84 Church Street                William Woods

Golden Ball                                             Winwick Street                  Tom Naylor

Golden Grove                                         10 Lyme Street                   William Bickerstaff

Golden Horse Shoe                                 31 Horsemarket Street        Tom Malley

Green Dragon                                          26 Bridge Street                 Walter kay

Griffin Inn                                               42 Horsemarket Street        John Lingard

Higher Angel                                           25 Buttermarket Street      W Milnes

Hope & Anchor                                       Buttermarket Street            James Chester

Hop Pole                                                  49 Horsemarket Street       W England

Horse & Crown                                       Bridge Street                      Robert Bunston

Kings Arms                                             50 Buttermarket Street       Sam Taylor

Leigh Arms                                             Market Place                      Tom Higginson

Lamb                                                       Bridge Street                      Joe Bowden

Little Horse Shoe                                    30 Horsemarket Street       Henry Eadie

Lord Nelson                                            78 Buttermarket Street       W Handley

Lower Angel                                           27 Buttermarket Street       J Leather

Marquis of Grandby                               64 Church Street                 Johnson Clarke

Millstone Inn (Tavern)                           56 Sankey Street                 Mary Hayes

Millstone                                                Golborne Street                   John Jackson

Norton Arms                                          Latchford                             P Ashton

Oak & Lion                                            Market place                       Thomas Parker

Old Coffee House                                  13 Horsemarket Street        Jos Croughton

Old Crow                                                3 Fennel street                   Thomas Ashton

Old Golden Ball                                     121 Winwick Street           Sarah Wilcock

Packet House                                          134 Bridge Street              Sam Eyton

Ring ‘O’ Bells                                        166 Church Street              Margaret Pennington

Roe Buck                                                Bridge Street                      James Hatton 

Rose & Crown                                       Bridge Street                        Thomas Leftwich

Royal exchange                                     5 Cheapside, Market Place   John Bradshaw

                                                              Golden Square 

Royal oak                                              109 Bridge Street                  Ann Harrison

Severn stars                                           Bridge Street                         George Clarke

Ship                                                       Bridge Street                         Joe Clarke

Ship Inn                                                 Bank Quay                            T Crossier

Ship                                                       Winwick Street                     Anne Laithwaite

Ship                                                       Lower Walton                       W Beswick

Spinners Arms                                      Bridge Street                          G Starky

Star & Garter                                        Bridge Street                          Joe Worrel

Swan                                                     15 Bridge Street                     Jasper Barrow

Theatre Tavern                                      Scotland Road                       J Scott

Three Crowns                                        Market Place                         P Thomas

Unicorn                                                  Market Place                        Ben Jameson

Union Coffee House                             Union Street                          Tom Fletcher

Waggoners Inn                                      Buttermarket Street               P Sumner

Wheatsheaf                                           4 Buttermarket Street             John Taylor

White Bear Inn                                     114 Bridge Street                   J Warham

White Bull                                            38 Horsemarket Street           James Milnes

White Heart                                          19 Market place                     R Hatton

White Heart                                          76 Sankey Street                    J Burbora

Woolpack Inn                                       51 Sankey Street                    W Broadhurst




From a Lancashire Directory of that year.


Admiral Rodney,                                Jsh Gerard,                               Winwick St
Barley Mow,                                      Geo Gerard,                              Market Place
Bay Horse,                                         Thomas Caldwell,                    Winwick St
Bear’s Paw,                                        J.Holmes,                                 Buttermarket St
Black Bear,                                        R.Harvey,                                 Black Bear Bridge
Black Boy,                                         Betty Booth,                             Bridge St

Blackburne’s Arms,                           Wm.Bather,                              Corn Market
Black Lion,                                        Martha Lowe,                           Wilderspool
Blue Bell,                                           Wm Smith,                               Horsemarket St
Boars Head,                                       Ed Dutton,                                Town Hill
Bowling Green,                                  J.Shelmerdine,                         Bank Quay
Bridge Inn,                                         Wm.Hesketh,                           Wilderspool Road
Britannia,                                            J.Martindale,                            Scotland Road
Brown Cow,                                       David Rowland,                       Market Place
Bulls Head,                                         Jane Hope,                               Church Street
Bulls Head,                                         Hanah Yates,                           Bridge Street
Coach & Horses,                                Martha Moss,                           Athertons Quay
Coopers Arms,                                    J.Wagstaff,                              Bewsey Street
Crown,                                                Jas Hatton,                               Fennel Street
Crown & Sceptre,                                 Jas Wyatt,                              Buttermarket St
Curriers Arms,                                      Sam Astles,                            Buttermarket St
Eagle & Child,                                      Jsph Battersby,                      Bridge Street
Feathers,                                               R.Carter,                                 Bridge Street
Fox,                                                       Sarah Whitley,                       Buttermarket Street
General Wolfe,                                     Wm.Woods,                           Church Street
George Inn (& Posting House),            Wm Newsham,                       Bridge St
Golden Fleece,                                      J.Tolitt,                                   Buttermarket Street
Golden Grove,                                      Wm.Bickerstaff,                     Lyme Street
Golden Horse Shoe,                              Ann Malley,                           Horsemarket St

Green Dragon,                                      Wm Kay,                                Bridge Street
Griffin,                                                  John Lingard,                         Horsemarket Street
Higher Angel,                                       Wm Milnes,                           Buttermarket St
Higher Seven Stars,                              T.Percival,                             Bridge Street
Hop Pole,                                              Rd Peers,                               Horsemarket Street
Horse & Jockey,                                   J.Kerfoot,                               Winwick Road
King & Queen,                                     Geo.Isherwood,                      Sandy Lane
King’s Arms,                                         S.Tomlinson,                         Buttermarket St
King’s Head,                                         T.Brooks,                               Winwick Street
Lamb,                                                    Jas.Bowden,                           Bridge Street
Legh’s Arms,                                        Thos.Higginson,                     Market Place
Little Horse Shoe,                                 H Kaude,                                Horsemarket St
Lord Nelson,                                         Dan.Dunbabin,                       Buttermarket St
Lower Angel,                                        J.Leather,                                Buttermarket Street
Lower Seven Stars,                               Thos.Rigby,                            Bridge St
Marquess of Granby,                            J.Clark,                                    Church Street
Mill Stone,                                            Mary Parsonage,                     Sankey Street
Nags Head Inn (Posting House & Excise Officer),  Wm. Hughes,    Sankey Street
New Golden Ball,                                 Thos.Naylor,                           Pinners Brow
Norton Arms,                                        Peter Ashton,                          Wilderspool Road
Oak & Lion,                                          Martha Blackburn,                 Market Place
Old Coffee House,                                 Rt Atherton,                           Horsemarket Street
Old Golden Ball,                                   Sarah Wilcock,                      Winwick Street
Packet House,                                        Saml.Eyton,                           Bridge Street
Rams Head,                                           Wm. England,                        Winwick Street
Red Lion Hotel (& Posting House),      John Holland,                         Bridge Street
Red Lion,                                              Margaret Winchurch,             Winwick Street
Ring of Bells,                                        Geo. Pennington,                    Church Street
Roe Buck,                                             Jas. Pickton,                            Bridge Street
Rope & Anchor,                                   James Chester,                        Buttermarket Street
Rose & Crown,                                     Thos.Leftwich,                       Bridge Street
Royal Exchange,                                   Mary Broadhurst,                   Golden Square
Royal Oak,                                            Ella Ashton,                            Bridge Street
Saracen’s Head,                                    Wm.Pilkington,                       Wilderspool
Sloop,                                                    Ic. Turner,                               Sankey Bridges
Ship,                                                      Joseph Craik,                           Bridge Street
Ship,                                                      Thos. Crosier,                          Bank Quay
Spinner’s Arms,                                    Geo. Starkie,                            Bridge Street
Star & Garter,                                         Jph. Worral,                            Bridge Street

Swan, Wm.                                              Ellison,                                   Bridge Street
Talbot Inn,                                               Mary Farrar,                           Sankey Street

The Leyton Hewitt,                                 Thomas Allen,                        Bridge Street
Theatre Tavern,                                       Jas. Barstow,                           Scotland Road
Three Crowns,                                         Peter Thomas,                         Market Place
Three Pigeons,                                         Thos. Leadbetter,                    Harts Buildings
Unicorn,                                                   Jph. Wilkinson,                       Market Place
Union Coffee House,                               Rd. Hilton,                              Dolmans Lane
Waggoner’s Inn,                                       John Cowman,                        Buttermarket Street
Wheat Sheaf,                                            John Taylor,                            Buttermarket Street
White Bear,                                              John Bott,                                Bridge Street
White Bull,                                               Jas. Milns,                               Horsemarket Street
White Hart,                                               John Burborn,                         Sankey Street
White Hart,                                               Rd. Hatton,                              Lyme Street
Woolpack,                                                WM. Broadhurst,                     Sankey Street

(Note There are 16 Pubs In Bridge Street Alone)
The Cheshire Cheese in Knutsford Road was not included, possibly it was outside the Township Boundary.
The population of the town was about 14,000 & the total number of pubs 75.

Notes :
There are a total of 83 listed - possibly eight of these may have been hotels or inns."

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