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Buildings that have gone and you miss


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That you feel should have been saved but please do not get political on this, its a trip down memory lane.


The buildings I miss most were not listed.


Winwick hospital, not talking about all of it but some of the building was really impressive, like the main office block/reception for example, the clock tower too


Warrington Baths, loved the main Gala pool


The Grammar School, impressive well built building, was thinking one day I buy an apartment in that building.

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Arpley Station

The Bay horse

The Old Market

The Fish Market

Market Street

The Blackburn Arms (Cock & Trumpet)

Wilderspool Crossings, OK not a building although there was the old signal box.

The Academy in it's original position.

The Britannia

The Regent in Scotland Road.

Bishop's Wharf

The Raven

Mersey St. with all the old shops etc.

Gandy's Coblers

Rose & Crown St.


I think I'd better stop now!

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the fish market building is still there, is it not?


why do you miss all them buildings algy

Why do I miss those buildings, because they represented the old town of Warrington when the town had character.


Yes the skeleton is still there but the ambiance and everything that acompanied it is missing. your probably not old enough to remember this stucture, imagine this building with the stonework carefully cleaned stood in the square, what an asset it would have been!.





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No I can not remember the old fish market.


so how come they just left the shell?


You do miss a lot of pubs Algy


Why do you miss a railway crossing?


1. Great to shop in there, not too comfortable in winter for those that worked in there. You name a fish shop in Warrington or a shop where you can purchase genuine fresh fish.

2. Grade II listed (not that, that would make any difference0, Ooop's! going political, sorry!.

3. Ale Houses were a haven for the working man after a hard days labour, they also produced characters.

4. It's not so much missing the railway crossings as missing the era that they existed in, we had steam driven locomotives that would thunder through the crossings, Warrington had four stations in the town. On the Wilderspool side of the crossings there wer many old houses etc.

Perhaps it is me not readily accepting progress, those times were great to look back over your shoulder at, but for many not a great time to live and work in, so don't take much notice of my list as I tend to live in the past. No doubt I have left myself wide open for Wolfie and Co to respond to my ramblings. :D:wink:

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