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howley boundrey map help


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Keith,in 1950 - 60. Howley Fairfield Ward started at Bridge Foot and continues along Mersey St, along Brick St, then eastwards along the centre of the railway track, then down Marsh House Lane into Mathew St, along Willis St, down Fairfield St, travels east for a short distance then picks up the west cemetary boundary and down to the river Mersey.

In case you were wondering Clares Buildings are outside the Howley boundary by about 50 mtrs.ScreenShot006_zps4715ddcd.jpg

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many thamks for this

Your welcome Keith, you can do one thing in return though - tell us why you need this information, you probably haven't noticed but we are an inquisitive bunch (some would say nosey) on here and really like to know what's going on!. :D:wink:

PS. Re your other post Keith, I'm not aware of any photos of Caldwell's Forge.




The map shows Clare's Buildings in relation to the Howley boundary.



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Re your other post Keith, I'm not aware of any photos of Caldwell's Forge.


You are right Algy as I spent many many weeks trying to find some pics of the old SH Forge when they were talking about moving the machinery from the village (before it just disappeared) but to no avail. I'm sure I've got a couple somewhere on my old external hard drive of the inside though if memory serves me right which I think came to me via someone who had been given them by Mr Caldwell along with the info about the permanent loan of the machines to the council but I've not managed to find them yet.


I'll post the same on the other topic so as not to take this one off track.


Edit.... I've removed my other comments about Clare's from this post.  My little brain cell thought I was in Clare's topic because of the maps above.  Silly me, sorry   :oops:   :lol:

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