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New e book on Warrington's history

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I saw that on the new page the other day and it sounded really good.  I read the sample pages on Amazon but as I don't have a kindle I though I wouldn't be able to read the whole book it if I bought a copy.

I'm glad you posted this topic though Gary as I just had another look and noticed that Amazon do a FREE APP that allows you to read kindle books on a PC :D :D  (works fine on Windows 7 and even for XP for those who are even further behind than I am  :lol: )

I've now bought the book and have it open and am reading   :D

First story is that of murder of James Hogworth, 'The Post Boy Murder'. 

I remember the topic on here about him a few years ago and how it kept us all occupied as we trawled for information.  Off to read a bit more of the book now :D

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Earth calling Tracey Bennett.  The story of the Hill Cliffe Resurectionists and your/our ancester Richard Box is in it too :D

You need to buy the book !!!

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