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  1. that or just for men put there prices up plus jet black hair doesn't really suit a granddad
  2. just like yourself found Steve S yesterday could be because it takes a week or 2 to jump through the hoops to be aloud to post, i look quite different now tho as you can see from my pic, but 10 years is about 1/3 of my time here so far so guess i would change quite a bit
  3. its about 2-3 ft across from the look of it(i was looking down on to the beach keeping my distance) wiki says and it has been known to see leatherback turtles around here when the jelly fish are here
  4. whats that saying like a bad smell
  5. but as i say i wouldn't change where i work/live now when i can walk out of work and look on the beach and see the barrel jellyfish and out to sea and see the dolphins jumping
  6. our main local issues here are caused by the local council this week they have ruined most of the picturesque areas by filling them with tones of extra bins (1 bin every 15-20ft) ready for the tourists arriving over easter. see the picture , this is on the harbour wall in aberaron which features in the visitwales advert with all the coloured buildings
  7. i also remember Geoffrey Settle, a formidable partner in a debate
  8. kinda scary lol i think we met but can't remember 100% must be getting old, gray matter isn't what it once was
  9. thought i would share a few photos I've got from pre 2006 of some of the old members at different meet ups when alana or mary were visiting and also the octoberfest p.s hope i don't upset anyone by posting pictures of peter but he was such a big part of these meet ups
  10. arg its changed again but still not the correct location as I'm not South lol
  11. arh i remember you Dizzy/Dismayed, not sure if i was under the same name might have been anthony or little ant, yes she posted undertake name Brendam
  12. hi dizzy, why not blame GARY i would and he knows it lol the amount of stick i have given him over the years think I've got some catching up to do having been awol for 10 years hehe
  13. thats good because my ip comes up as Birmingham but don't think you get the same views or the wildlife down there. bet you can't see dolphins jumping when you look out of the window at work in Birmingham
  14. hi sid and asperity, i had spotted you both were still here, its been a long time since i was last on.
  15. Hi just wondering if any of the old faces a still about, having just got back on after 10 years awal, is steve sober, Mary, Alana and Brenda still about? To name a few I've not seen posting whiles waiting to be validated by admin... anthony