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Fight against Peel Hall Development

Geoffrey Settle

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Dizzy, me and others have just been chatting about Facebook and it's use - well I set up one for my oppositiion to the proposed development off Mill Lane - Houghton Green. I have tried to capture links and related details with photos. - I know that people on here don't like going on Facebook but take a peek and let me know what you think.





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I just had a look Geoff and it's really good and was very interesting to read.  Better still I didn't even have to log into my FB account to see it all as it is viewable by anyone (members or not).


Having never actually been around Peel Hall Park / Radley Common / etc from the pics on there I imagine it was once a really nice place and it's a shame parts of the woods and other green areas etc have been allowed to become overgrown and seemingly uncared for and also that fences etc have been broken too.  Maybe if it had been better maintained people wouldn;t be dumping things there either.


Will all that be lost if the houses do get built there and also where all the flood waters were on the pictures is that where the houses will begoing  too ?     

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