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March of the Penguins - French Documentary


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My grandson and I drove quite a ways to see the new Emperor Penguin film by a French company. It seems the male penguins must waddle (or slide on their stomachs) 70 miles to a 'resort' teeming with female penguins, and when an egg gets produced, must cover it on top of their feet from the bitter blizzards at the South Pole while the mothers march 70 miles to the sea to feed. It is eyepopping in its unusual beauty. Vive l'differance!!!

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Hi Duc, sounds like it was a worthwhile trip.


Remember seeing this phenomenon on TV years ago, think it was an Attenborough documetary. The vision of all those massive Emperor Penguins circling en masse, carefully cradling their futures on their feet was both touching and eerie. Then, like you say, the distances travelled once hatched, and then finding their mothers, is truly astounding. Real life affirming stuff, glad you enjoyed it.


What was the film called?

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It was marketed to US screens under the 'nom' March of the Penguins, with a narration by Morgan Freeman. This story gets retold for every generation - I remember it from elementary school also. The 'art theater' in Long Beach matinee was patronized by almost exclusively gray haired people. Besides my grandson, a young woman was there with three little girls who left the theaer screaming after an albatross stopped to sample the taste at five baby penguins.

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