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Evo-Stik League Fixtures

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Incase you missed it, Warrington Town's fixtures were announced today and can be seen here:

http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/warringtontown/s/fixtures-results-1386.htmlMy link


What are your thoughts on the opening games of the season and who do you think will be Town's biggest challengers this season?

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Curzon will be there or thereabouts. Farsley away last game could be interesting. Lancaster will i think be up there.


I think we must start strong. there will be dips and winter disruption, so points on the board early i think will be key. 7 from 9 i think should be a good return from the opening fixtures. 9 from 9 would be nice.

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But after the first 3 games, 3 of the next 4 games are tough games against Skem, New Mills and Curzon.


Those first 7 fixtures give us a great chance to weigh up where this team stands, we should take them a game at a time and go from there.


Overall, we play each team twice, and if we flop some games or have bad patches, its our own fault. At the end of the season, the table never lies. We deserve what we get, so the order of fixtures shouldn't matter if we can control bad patches and get consistant results.

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Judging by the opening three games Warrington should be top with nine points in the bag! :unsure:

If not no hope of winning the league. :roll:



I seem to remember Witton had a very poor start last season, at one point they were below us and they won promotion.


Football is about momentum look at Curzon last season had a great start and still didnt go up.


Town will need to peak at the right time, and if we are there or thereabouts after 20 games i will be happy.

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we have fairly easy runs at either end of the season apart from farsley away last game of the season that could be a tough game but i can see us easily finishing in play off places atleast this year especially if we like we did last night against the stoke xi, that was a great game passing and moving with some great opportunities i was liking the look of the squad if it stays likethat for the start of the season.

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