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Creatures of the night


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We've all heard tales of big cat sightings and the likes and I tended to think they were just daft or people just having one too many or wanting a peice of press limelight but I'm not sure whether to go out in the dark now.... so be warned especially if you live in the Stockton Heath, Walton or Latchford area :unsure::lol:


A chap mentioned seeing a strange beast like creature walking along the pavement next to the fencing of the MS Canal between Stockton Heath swing bridge and Walton swing bridge a few nights ago.


I presumed they meant the idiots that trashed all the cars and other stuff along Ellesmere Road last weekend (as reported on the news page) but apparently this beast had 4 legs not two. I'm not sure which is worse actually thinking about it.


The four legged beast is described as being about 2 foot long and much bigger that a domestic cat but definately not a dog or a fox. It stands about a foot and a half tall and is covered in dark fur (almost black) but it appeared to have no fur on it's legs.


Apparently it was rather weird. Perhaps it was an odd looking badger or something as I can't think of anyything else that size.


Anyway I told my son about it and he 'what about the black Panther like creature near Daresbury could it be that?' Doesn't sound anything like a Panther to me but what does he mean 'what bloody panther like creature ???' :shock: He knew nothing more but someone had metioned it to him,


I just googled and there were sightings of one aroung there but that was 12 years ago.


Why do people tell me these things especially when my dog keeps picking up the scent of something intriguing around here when we walk along the canal road or in in the backs, although I've never mentioned it so they can't be winding me up... I just thought it was the fox we used to see but I've not seen that for over 6 months now since they developed the other side of the canal.


Blimey... anyone got a creature trap :unsure:


Are there realy weird four legged creatures walking our streets at night as well as the scarey two legged variety ??

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