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2-0 v Ossett


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Some encouraging signs- restricting opposition to few chances by chasing down every ball.

Some players are already starting to show lots of promise.

Liam Shipton looks like he is improving and could be a star of the future.

The two centre backs were also very good - Michael Jackson's headed goal was awesome and Tommo looks like he has never been away for the best part of 12 months.

Next three games will really test the players and show who is good enough to take the club forward.

Looks like Skem's season has collapsed since they signed all our players.

Tom Hardwick, Anthony Hickey, Louis Corrigan and Michael Duffy obviously weren't the calibre of player required to get a team promoted!


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From where I was sat, it was clear that the closing down and good off the ball play was down to Tommo and M Jackson (He was a Thriller, wasn't he... :lol:) instructing the rest of the team what to do, so this does show that their partnership is already making a difference. They kept us in it for the first half, as well as a dodgy offside call (Their striker was 1v1 with Pritchard before being called back, don't think many people actually noticed it) which is probably why we could go on and win the game. Shippo and Jackson were outstanding too.


The game with Skem next season will be interesting, and for similar reasons so will Witton tomorrow.

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