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MSC Photos 2


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This is part of a different set that I shall mix with the other set, you will have to excuse me if I occasionally upload the same photo twice as I have not finished sorting them into order.


Walton Cutting with a steam operated land grab.



The new steel railway deviation bridge carrying the London to Glasgow main line (now known as the West Coast Main Line)over the River Mersey at Lower Walton the banking being constructed from spoil removed from the Canal excavation, the original Twelve Arches railway bridge can be seen in the background and also another steel arched bridge just beyond that, this temporary bridge spanning the river carried the railway lines to enable rail traffic to run while the other line was removed to allow the new embankment and bridge to be built to span the canal. The temporary iron bridge was removed after commissioning the new lies.



The new road bridge at Lower Walton to enable the new Chester road to cross the river Mersey, the new road had been made to run along the new river cutting. St. Thomas's church, Stockton Heath can be seen in the distance.



22nd April 1893. Another view of the bridge as seen from the Twelve Arches with the Old Quay canal in the foreground and Morley Common on the right, 50 years later Laporte Chemicals Ltd would be built on this land and next to the MSC.



5th May 1890. The Twelve Arches railway bridge at Lower Walton with the arch of the steel bridge visible. The Runcorn Latchford or Old Quay canal has been blocked off in preparation for building the new high level rail bridge.


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