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Bulgarian (Bohemenan) Rhapsody


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Naan, just killed a man

Poppadom against his head

Had Lime Pickle Now He's Dead

Naan, Dinner's Just Begun

But Now I'm Gonna throw it All Away

Nann, ohhhh ohhhhhh

Didn't mean to make you cry

Seen Nothing Yet Just See the Loo Tomorrow


Curry On, Curry On

Cause Nothing Really Madras


Too Late, My Dinner's Gone

Sends Shivers Down my Spine

Rectum Aching All the Time

Goodbye Onion Bhaji, I've got to go

Gotta Leave You All Behind And Use the Loo, Nann, Ohhhhh Ohhhhh The

Doopiaza is so Mild I Sometimes Wish We'd Never Come Here at All


Guitar Solo


I See a Little Chicken Tikka on the Side, Rogan Josh, Rogan Josh, Pass

the Chutney Made of Mango. Vindaloo Does Nicely Very Very Spicy Meat

Byriani (Byriani) Byriani (Byriani) Byriani and a Nann (A Vindaloo loo

loo loo) I've Eaten Balti, Somebody Help me He's Eaten Balti, Get Him

to the Lavetory Stand you Well Back Cause the Loo is Quarantined...

Here it Comes

There it Goes

Technicolour Yawn

I Chunder


It's Coming up Again

(There he Goes)

I ChundIts Coming back Again (There he Goes) Coming Back Again (Up

Again) Here it Goes Again (No, No, No, No, No, No NO) On my Knees I'm

on my Knees On his Knees, Oh, There he Goes This Vindaloo It's About

to Wreck my Guts Poor Me.... Poor Me..... Poor Meeee....


Guitar Solo


So you Think you can Chunder and Feel Alright?

So you try to eat Curry and Drink Beer all Night?

Oh Maybe, But now you Puke Like a Baby Just had to Come out It Just

had to Come Right out in Here

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