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Sorry gents and Ladies

Rex Mac

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Oooops, Bit of a new boy error last weekend.


I posted various comments over the last weekend and then walked into work on Monday and things kind of took off in different directions so I didn't have the opportunity to respond to you folk. Sorry folk, however the bast laid plans of mice and men etc. didn't stand a chance.


Anyway, apologies to everyone who might have expected a response.


I did however, enjoy a spectacularly splendiforous weekend. My eldest lad is a Professor of physics at a nearby University and was on a one day strike last week to protect his pension rights. This fact meant I had the deep joy of looking after my three year old Granddaughter for an extended period of time.


Thursday and Friday we went shopping to buy Christmas presents for her Mum and Dad. Saturday was very special and we decorated the Christmas Tree.


Apologies to the traditionalists but I have an artificial pre-lit tree.


I retrieved it from my loft, chacked the lights were okay and let my Granddaughter loose with the decorations.


She had an absolute blast and enjoyed herself to the maximum.


You have no idea how pleasing it is to see a half dressed tree in your lounge, (actually, it's really well dressed up to the height of a three year old child.)


As far as I'm concerned it can stay as it is. After all it is a bit special that my little granddaughter prepared it.

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I bet she thoroughly enjoyed her little self.


I am putting up the xmas deccies for my Mum as it is likely to he her last xmas.

Up into the loft and bring the dust covered boxes down. Hoovered them and then opened them.


Talk about a surprise. The stuff is years old, and I mean, years old.

In obe small box were some candles PLUS two candle holder clips.

For those born after the war years, in the "good old days" real candles adorned the xmas tree and were in little holders that clipped onto the tree. I still remember being carried downstairs on xmas morning to see the tree with all the candles lit. Health and Safety??? Hahahaha.


There were lanterns that you put a candle in. Loads of stuff collected from the 40's onwards. Also an Eiffel Tower replica that you put a candle in and the heat turned the top of the tower that had coloured glass plastic in it, a bit like a lighthouse.


Sorry for the hi-jack. :oops:

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