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Chinese special

Rex Mac

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A couple (Albert & Joan) went out to their local Chinese restaurant to celebrate their 45th aniversary.


They ordered the anniversary surprise special. Having enjoyed three very tasty appetiser courses they were presented with the special main course. A huge covered pot was ceremoniously placed in the centre of the table and rice bowls were set in front of each of them. The waiter stepped to one side and said "Enjoy your celebration special." he then walked away back towards the kitchen.


Albert served a portion of rice into each rice bowl and they both stared at the large pot wondering what delights awaited them. As Albert gently lifted one side of the lid he noticed two beady eyes blinking at first and then staring back at him. Shocked, he fell back into his seat. He didn't utter a word but just pointed at the pot. Joan stood, gently eased the tilted the lid and also came face to face with a pair of beady eyes. She screamed and fell back into her seat.


The Manager raced over to them, Joan demanded to know what was in the celebration surprise. The Manager replied "Peeking duck of course."

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