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Do we need to be in the EUSSR?


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The Blue Book from the ONS publishes annual trade figures:


1.Over 80 percent of all UK trade is within our own borders. Yet it is all subject to EU regulations and controls.


2.Over half the rest is between the UK and the EU --




3. We import more than we sell to the EU. We have run a permanent trade deficit with the EU ever since we joined, bar one year -- 1975.


4. The Blue Book includes as exports to the EU all exports to other parts of the world which happen to go through the container ports of Rotterdam, in particular, and Antwerp.


5. Thus our alleged "exports" to the EU are grossly distorted upwards and UK exports to the rest of the world are grossly distorted downwards.


6. This distortion has been well known for decades and successive governments have refused to correct what can only be described as a deliberate error.


Government spokesmen and the political classes deliberately deceive and lie to you to keep us locked inside the European Union and they use scare tactics to stop us leaving.


I'm sure Lt Kije will have the figures to dispute this :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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